Jews Brothers Band Albums

The Jews Brothers Band have released three CDs of original songs and covers on the Rouge Records label.

Jews Brothers Sampler

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Too Much Talent


With this new album, The JBB stretch out way beyond their original klezmer job description. From Too Much Talent , written by Arif Usmani (Mordechai What a Guy), to the Brecht/Weill Alabama Song , to live versions or the now classic Go Down Moses and The Millenium Swng , this album is a never-let-up swinging affair from start to finish"!

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1- Too Much Talent
2- Dunkin' Bagels
3- Carmelita
4- Alabama Song
5- Conical Intrigue at Hanmer Springs
6- Wacky Rhythm
7- Shadrak, Mishak, Abednego
8- The Millenium Swing
9- Go Down Moses
10- Dodi Li


My Yiddish Swing


In this, their second album, The Brothers musical wildness and sense of humour are still as always there in abundance, but with a contemporary edge that gives their musical viruosity shape and clarity for a larger audience.

Except for the traditional Bulgar, played with typical Jews Brothers panache and their version of Tchavolo Swing from the film Latcho Drom, here with playfull French lyrics penned by Linn Lorkin, this is an album of original music in the spirit of klezmer.

They range from poignant ballads like Hobos and Matus Radzivilover (about a Jewish cantor) to the mad inventiveness of Thredbo Thredbo with many visits to the territory of swing and that is swing in the old 30s New York klezmer style, as only The Jews Brothers can play it!

Add to that Hershal's inimitable multiple vocal arrangements and his and Linn's distinctive voices and styles, plus Nigel Gavin's wild guitar and mandolin solos and you have a unique album, destined to cross over into the wild blue yonder.

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  1. My Yiddish Swing
  2. She's My Girl
  3. Hobos
  4. Tchavolo Swing
  5. In a Romanian Village Square
  6. Thredbo, Thredbo
  7. Eine Kleine Swingele Liedele
  8. Matus Radzilover
  9. Bulgar
  10. The Oy-Veh Song
  11. Mordechai (What a Guy!)
  12. My Yiddish Swing: schtick mix


Live at Gerhard's Cafe


It's wild hick ethnic roots music, it's a hand-clapping foot-stomping, frenzied Yiddish groove session..

It's a hoe-down in a Roumanian village square.

Klezmer as it might have sounded 500 years ago.

The Jews Brothers Band breaks the rules of klezmer, unashamedly and with chutzpah: no clarinets, violins or drums, these brothers (plus one sister) just get down to it with chonking gypsy style mandolin, pumping tea-chest bass, blasting brass horn, shakers and finger cymbals, and vibrant melodica and accordion, all aided and abetted by soulful 5-part vocals that sound as if they come straight out of a mediaeval synagogue.

If you can't dance to this album, you gotta problem!


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  1. Yiddish Medley: Bublitchky / Die Greene Kaseene / Chosen Ka'le Mazeltov
  2. Bei Mir Bist du Shein
  3. Tumbalalaika
  4. Hebrew Medley: Artza Alinu / Sholom Alechem
  5. Ochi Chorniya
  6. Bashana Haba'a
  7. Eastern Euro Medley: Mezinke / Ut Azoi / Kosatski /
    Vayhi B'Shalom Melech / Dayenu Dayenu
  8. Mein Yiddishe Meidele
  9. Palestinian - Hebrew Medley: Mechal Ovadya / Tsena Tsena / Hava Nagila

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