The Music of The Jews Brothers Band

The Jews Brothers Band delight audiences with their unique blend of Klezmer sensibilities, humour, and exuberant performance.

The band has captured the irreverent spirit of their performance in 3 albums released on the Rouge Records Label.


Hershal Describes the Jews Brothers Phenomenon

The Jews Brothers Band is klezmer in a sense but not in another sense. It IS klezmer in that it is an amalgam of influences ... some of which could be termed Jewish ... just as Eastern European music of the late 19th and early 20th century was an amalgam of much music of Eastern Europe including but limited to Jewish. This mix got further diluted or enhanced, depending on your viewpoint, in New York City in the 1910s to 40s and became something new.

Jews Brothers Sampler

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Check out the video below of "My Yiddish Swing", performed live at The Whammy Bar, March 2008.

We like to think that we are continuing in this traditon with the Jews Brothers Band creating a new sound though now of course the entire planet is our source of inspiration. However, we like to believe that the Jewish roots are still noticeable in everything we play. But mostly our sense of humour (we hope) is distinctly Jewish and is evident in both our music and live performance.

Nigel Gavin (guitar/mandolin) and myself both come form the New York City area where Jewishness pretty much pervades society. And just to prove my point, I offer as evidence a song recorded on our last CD called Dunkin' Bagels, written by an Afro America, Slim Gaillard, also from New York City.

No you don't have to be Jewish to listen to The Jews Brothers Band, and most of our fans in fact are not! Thank you all you Goyim!

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